Laser Surgery Treatment – For Your Care

Laser Surgery Treatment – For Your Care.

at Zugliget Clinic, 60. Zugligeti Street, Budapest, Hungary H-1121

For appointments and general information, call: +36 1 275 1444, +36 1 275 1455

Opening hours: every week >> Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Kristóf Móga M.D. – surgeon, laser surgery practitioner | He received his degree and passed the specialist examination with excellent grades at the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University, Budapest. From the beginning of his medical career, he has been interested in new and innovative techniques, such as laser surgery. Kristóf has also broadened his professional experience and approach in Canada, Norway, Belgium and Germany. He is currently a PhD candidate specialising in the application of augmented and mixed reality in surgery.

Zsolt Juhász M.D. – surgeon, laser surgery practitioner | He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University. As a military doctor with broad experience and knowledge, he could use his professional expertise in Kosovo and France, during which time he became interested in laser surgery.

Laser surgery treatment:

With laser surgery, unpleasant warts, nail fungus, moles, fibromas and skin growths can be removed in a few minutes. Our private surgery practice at Zugliget Clinic offers treatments for skin lesions such as ingrown toenails and corns. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, tattoo removal is no longer a painful and challenging process.

Private surgery practice in Budapest

All surgical procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. Laser surgery is one of the most significant recent developments in modern medicine. Our treatments offer a painless, safe, quick solution to eliminate unpleasant skin problems.

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Kristóf Móga M.D., Zsolt Juhász M.D.


Removal of Skin lesions:

Mole removal, wart removal, corn removal, fibroma removal, treatment of other skin lesions

· Treatment of a single lesion, including consultation: HUF 30 000 (€80)

· Treatment of each additional lesion: HUF 10 000/each (€30)

Surgical excision of skin lesions using traditional techniques (Lipoma, Atheroma)

· From HUF 40 000 (price includes suture removal) (€110)

Histopathological examination

· HUF 15 000/test piece (€45)

Skin Rejuvenation with Laser and Radiofrequency

· from 70 000 Ft/region (€200), see details here

BOTOX and Filling Skin Care

· from 70 000 Ft/region (€200), see details here

Treatment of ingrown toenails, laser surgery of ingrown toenails

· Procedure for a single nail edge: HUF 30 000 (€80)

· Each additional nail edge: HUF 30 000/nail edge (€80)

Laser treatment of rectal diseases (anal fissure, external haemorrhoids)

· From HUF 30 000 (€80)

Laser treatment of condyloma

· Depending on the extent, from HUF 35 000 (€90)

Treatment of nail fungus, laser treatment of nail fungus (several appointments needed for the best results)

· Treatment per nail: HUF 30 000/appointment (€80)

Tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal (several appointments needed for the best results)

· Depending on the size, from HUF 35 000 (€90)

Individual surgical examination and surgical consultation

· HUF 25 000 (€70)